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Great experience!

We visited from the UK. What a wonderful atmosphere and the food and service were great. We had Ribs, Steak and Seafood, all were excellent. We stayed the night in the old section of the hotel. The rooms were large, very clean and very comfortable. It added to our trip that we were able to stay in this historic hotel. The cherry bar and it's history is fascinating.

Nothing says Cody more than the Irma for food!!!!!

The Irma hotel restaurant is a true throwback in time. The look of this place is amazing with its tin ceiling,huge wooden bar,trophy stuffed animals all over the walls and hallways. Its like walking onto a movie set (well almost) It sure feels like it. Right on the main street downtown Cody 1192 Sheridan Ave is where you will find this place. We came here for a late lunch when we were visiting the Buffalo Bill Center. No reservation needed. First come, first served. Its a pretty big place so it did not seem crowded even though there was alot of folks there. The whole place is kind of the center of town activities (gunfights at dusk) shops and the whole bit. The locals eat here and they have a good selection of food soups, salad, chicken, beef, bison, burgers, ribs and more. They even had a buffet. I got the prime rib that was very good. Wife got ribs and my brother got the bison burger they said they liked. The pricing on everything was reasonable. I thought better than what I would pay at home. Our experience was a great one food atmosphere, price and a good time. If I had to pick on anything I would say service can be a little slow when its busy but not a big deal

Room was very clean!

—from room card

Awesome burgers and cool historical building

One of the best burgers I have had in a long time and wonderful sweet potato fries. Sure, it is very old inside but you have to appreciate the history there. My husband loved his Reuben sandwich. We went back the next day and had lunch buffet which was very good and very good deal.

Beautiful hotel. Rich in history.

—from room card

Great food!

—from room card

A true step back in time

I have wanted to stay in this historic hotel for years and was not disappointed. This is a true old west hotel that hasn't lost its authenticity. Not fancy or modern (except for the great flat screen tvs in the rooms) but a true Wild West experience in a real western town.

A great historical experience.

—from room card

Quirky and Cool

When I made my reservation, I was able to get two rooms in the oldest "historical" section so I can not comment on the more recent room additions. I think that people who like historic hotels will love it but others who are only used to almost new hotels may find a few faults. The hotel was quite a highlight of our visit to Cody. We love historic hotels and don't mind if they don't always compare in features and even maintenance with new hotels. The rooms were nicely decorated featuring period furniture and even the new fixtures like the toilets with the chain pull on the upper wall tanks fit well with the decor. Our rooms were well worth the money. The staff is quirky and very nice, maybe what you would be expecting in a hotel in a historic Western town. The dining room is beautiful and we enjoyed dinner and breakfast there.

Love this place. Thanks.

—from room card

Loved all the wait staff! And the fact that the owner is on premises and not just interested in long distance ownership.

—from room card

We come here every year. See you next year! :)

—from room card

Wild West Excellence!

We recently stayed at Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel, in Cody, WY...it was part of a trip to celebrate my 60th birthday. I'm a BIG Buffalo Bill fan, and the experience was absolutely unforgettable! Of course we stayed in the "Buffalo Bill Suite", which is part of the "historical section" of the hotel. I had read the old section was not quite as nice, and the price of the suite, was WELL worth it......it was appointed in the style of the period it was built in, but also included a flat screen TV..in BOTH rooms! The bedroom was a nice size and the "sitting room" was HUGE! As far as the food in the hotel...SUPERB! Every day they have a breakfast,lunch and dinner buffet that can NOT be beat for the price...we had the prime rib, all you can eat buffet, for under $20! Included extensive buffet items and also fresh fish and "buffalo" short ribs! The hotel was very clean and there were lots of opportunities for picture taking...We definitely would stay again and hopefully before my 65th birthday! Other reviewers who complained about the prices of the rooms, obviously didn't take into consideration what a HISTORICAL place they were staying...if you're not interested in the "history" of the Irma, and feel the rooms "pricey", I would recommend a chain hotel in the area...for anybody who IS interested in the history of the hotel and W.F. Cody...put a stay at the Irma on your "bucket list"!

We will be back!

—from room card

An Amazingly Good Restaurant

We ate 3 meals in the Irma Restaurant. We were on the road for 2 weeks and 2 days and had the best food the entire time we traveled at the Irma. Husband loves chili. It was a bit different than he has had and loved it. I asked the server if they would share the recipe. The cook actually came out to the table after hand writing it! Enjoyed all 3 meal times there. If you're in town afternoon and evenings, the local ranchers come into the lounge. Always good to eat where the locals eat.

Nicest experience. Awesome place. Thank you.

—from room card

Always come here when we come to Cody

—from room card

I will be back. Excellent service.

—from room card
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